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Mon Feb 20 15:40:36 UTC 2012

Larry Hart:
Here are some lines from my .alias in my Debian system
#   setenv DISPLAY ':99'
#           no longer needed in Debian, slightly different Xvfb setup
#   alias ff 'firefox   --display=:99   -P nullvideo   '
#  alias ff 'xvfb-run  firefox -no-remote -a nullvideo -P nullvideo '
alias ff "xvfb-run -a  -s '-screen 0 640x480x16'  firefox -no-remote -a
nullvideo -P nullvideo "
alias rp "xvfb-run -a  -s '-screen 0 1024x768x16'
/opt/real/RealPlayer/realplay "
Hope that helps many of you

Me (Dallas Legan):
My friend Larry forgot to explain that this method is subject to 
the stream being one that automaticly starts when the page is loaded,
which from what I've seen is considered good form, polite, for
pages for these things.
Also this depends on having a special firefox profile, 
in his case called 'nullvideo' set up, which has crash recovery
turned off, so that it doesn't hang waiting for an impossible to
supply response that you don't want to continue where the last 
session ended.

In the past tools like youtube-dl, cclive/clive had the capability
of taking a player command parameter, so that the video could be
played via the download tool.
Apparently in the interest of simplifying the user interface,
to my knowledge, currently the only 'general purpose' 
(multi-site) download tool that still has this is get_flash_video.
I don't include youtube-viewer in this list because it is special
purpose for one website, or universal-streamer because it is
not a download tool (but obviously they should be considered for 
use if appropriate when trying to play streaming sites.).
Currently I'm putting the polishing work on a script that uses the
quvi program, an interface to libquvi (a library for parsing information
on video sites used by clive), to set up mplayer.
I'll try to blog this and post a link here when complete.
Maybe someone else will beat me to it! (grin)

Hopefully this has been helpfull to the subscribers here.

Dallas E. Legan II
legan at / aw585 at /

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