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I would use nmap to do a port scan of the host. You can diagnose firewall 
issues very easily by doing an nmap on the IP address of the machine from 
another machine and then from the machine itself. Any differences in the 
results are probably due to a firewall.

In other words, if nmap shows that port 22 is open when you run nmap on the 
machine itself but nmap shows port 22 is filtered when you run it from 
another machine, that is probably the firewall.

Another thing you can do is use the -v option to ssh.

$ ssh -v <yourhostname>

That will show you want ssh is doing and if it cannot connect, it will say 

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That doesn't work either, maybe you can't access a virtual machine like 
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  iptables -F
  in debian
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    I'm trying to make an  open ssh connection in order to access linux from 
my windows machine.
    I can connect to the machine inside linux using localhost.
    But when I try this in windows using putty, it doesn't work.
    What can be wrong? can this be some firewall blocking this?
    If so, how do I fix it?
    I'm using debian.


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