partitioning question

Kristoffer Gustafsson kg84 at
Tue Jan 24 15:36:55 UTC 2012

I've got a question about partitioning my hard drive.
I want to install both windows and deian linux on the same machine, and I plan to make unallocated space for that in windows/ make ext3 partitions in windows so I've already done that.
Is there a way of getting the installer use these partitions, or just use allocated space for the linux partitions?
It would be nicer to use partition magic or something else instead of partitioning using the installer.
I don't know what the installer uses if I choose manual partitioning, partit seems to be a good program to use, but I prefare just to have unallocated space in windows.
The only options in the installer are guided, use the hole disk, use the hole disk with lvm.
What is the best way of doing these things?
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