Checksum program for checking files

Christian christian08 at
Mon Jul 2 14:56:46 UTC 2012

Hi Tim,
Many thanks, will give this a try.
I have that sha1 value here also, have just begun to use this.
Many thanks,

On 2012-07-01 at 08:46 Tim Chase wrote:

>On 07/01/12 08:21, Christian wrote:
>> What command should I use in Linux if Iwant to check the checksum
>> of a file? I have an MD5 value here and I just want to make sure
>> that it matches the original size.
>You can use "md5sum" (usually part of most distros' base install):
>  bash$ md5sum my_file.txt
>which should return the checksum.  There's also a "sha1sum" which
>will return the sha1 hash (cryptographically more secure as there
>are some weaknesses with MD5).
>I don't know of any counterpart in stock Windows, but I suspect that
>you can either download a stand-alone "md5sum.exe", or perhaps get
>it as part of the Cygwin install.

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