gnome display problem in weezy

Jason White jason at
Wed Mar 7 23:49:16 UTC 2012

Kristoffer Gustafsson <blinux-list at> wrote:
>In previous versions of debian I've experienced that the machine refuses to boot if I got no display attached.
>Is this still a problem in weezy?
>I need the gnome desktop environment, but I don't want to have a screen to that computer.
>I know that I can edit gnome settings to make it work, but I got no chanse to do that since when I reboot for the first time gnome starts.
>How can I disable so that I get no gnome if I need to do that?

chkconfig gdm3 off

You can install a minimal system (text only), boot into it, install gnome,
then make sure that gdm is not enabled in your init scripts, as above.

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