Playing daisy in Linux?

Jos Lemmens jos at
Tue Mar 20 12:24:13 UTC 2012

Hello Hart,

This is a daisy version 3 book.  There are no .mp3 files, so no sound.
There is only text in the .xml files. daisy-player cannot handle this book.

I'm busy with another project: eBook-speaker. This will play e-Books
using a synthetic voice. But it is still under construction.



On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 05:00:05AM -0700, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well Jos-and-Will, I created a dir called daisy where I put these
> files.  There are no mp3s.  But if I type
> daisy-player /home/chime/daisy
> my cursor gets shove to maybe line3  and I get lots of lib386
> messages  and I must clear my screen with a reset.
> Here are the files in this directory
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_12_NL.ncx
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_12_NL.opf
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_12_NL.smil
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_12_NL.xml
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_13_NL.ncx
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_13_NL.opf
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_13_NL.smil
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_13_NL.xml
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_14_NL.ncx
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_14_NL.opf
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_14_NL.smil
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_14_NL.xml
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_15_NL.ncx
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_15_NL.opf
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_15_NL.smil
> Jerusalem_Post_2012_03_15_NL.xml
> UPI_News_2012_02_21_Rel13_NL.xml
> UPI_News_2012_02_21_Rel15_NL.smil
> Back again live:  Must I launch 1 of these specificly.   This is
> daisy-player 7.0.4
> OK, just tried running as root, no improvement, still hear messages
> about memory map  heep and gnu.
> It would obviously be quite messy if I were to paste in that output.
> Thanks so much in advance
> Hart

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