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Christopher Gray chris at
Sat Mar 31 22:39:15 UTC 2012

I'm not certain that any work is being done on Alpine these days.


On Sat,
31 Mar 2012, Jude DaShiell wrote:

> One improvement I'd like to find in a future version of alpine is an
> option under configuration thatwould take any message body starting with
> <HTML> and run that through the user's selected browser and have the
> browser do a dump on it and have alpine collect the text from the dump and
> show that to the user in the body of that message when it was opened for
> viewing.  If the <HTML> messages look like trash once this gets done, so
> much the better.  Maybe web heads will eventually get a message.  The best
> thing I do with web formatted email is send it through spamassassin and
> let spamassassin have fun with it as spam.
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