video file playing in debian?

Hart Larry chime at
Mon May 14 22:27:23 UTC 2012

Sure Karen, here are some suggestions, first of all, you can fixup your mime 
types files in Lynx so you can check out live streams, but I am not an expert. 
Also, what we did in my Debian machine is to run xvfb running firefox as a 
frame buffer to play media, which normally would not play in a commandline.  So 
what I do is find a url of a page with a stream, paste that url in to an xvfb 
command, and I can listen live to many of the news-channels I want.  You see, 
many of these urls are flash or other kinds of hidden nonsense, but firefox 
will many times find them.  Certainly if you find an actual media url, you can 
type that in to mplayer and enjoy.  If you wanna save these recordings, that 
can be done-and-I will be glad to suggest when that time comes

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