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Tue May 22 12:34:04 UTC 2012

I charged up by notetaker (battery was dead yesterday) and wrote down what my sighted-assistance read off for the last few messages in the boot process.

decompress linux ... parsing ELF ... done.
booting the kernel.
Running hook udev
Triggering uevents ... done.
ERROR: device "/dev/sda4" not found.  Skipping fsck.
ERROR: unable to fid root device "/dev/sda4."
You are being dropped to a recovery shell.
Type "exit" to try and continue booting.
SH: can not access tty; job control turned off.
[rootfs] /#

I'm not sure if this changes the recommendation on fsck.  I'm not fammiliar with the command, but I'll do some rreading up on it to get an idea what to expect.

My machine is partitianed such that
sda1 and sda2 belong to windows (came that way).
I added sda4 which holds the root ("/") of my system.
sda5 I set aside for /home
sda6 is my swap
sda3 I think is the logical partitian that allows for sda 5 and sda6.

>I'm not familiar with archlinux, but your symptoms are those that happen
>if there's an error in the linux filesystem that couldn't be automatically
>corrected. When that happens, you're dropped into a rudimentary system
>with a command-line shell prompt so that you can manually fix that error.
>The "fs" in the prompt supports this idea.
>The "failed to load tty" I've never seen in this context, but it could be
>related to being unable to bring up speech synthesis.
>If you are unable to fix the error, you won't be able to get any further.
>What you would need to do now is to first verify that you indeed do
>have a filesystem error, and which drive(s)/partition(s) is/are affected.
>Preceding the "root/fs" prompt should be messages that might help
>pinpoint the error source.
>If this is in fact the cause of your situation, then you'd have to
>issue an "fsck" (file-system check) command, and try to answer the
>fix-up questions it poses.
>I know this merely parses the problem without offering a solution to you.
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