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Wed May 23 12:53:26 UTC 2012

I'll try fsdisk today.

If it helps any, I popped in the old install CD and was able to mount /dev/sda4 durring the live session.  It mounted and I was able to read files from the partitian.

I also ran fsck from the cd (before I got your message), and it said /dev/sda4 was fine.

Unfortunately, I don't think I have my notes from when i installed and partitianed this machine (the date on my install CD was April 2010).  When nothing terrible happened durring the first 2 years, I lost track of the notes I took.

>Uh-oh. Never mind "fsck" (yet). Your system can't even find "/dev/sda4"
>(that is one of the "ERROR:" messages reported) to begin with.
>The possible causes for this condition are all bad (sorry).  I realize this
>is slow-going, but the next incremental step is to see what your partition
>table looks like.  At that command prompt, try whichever of these two commands
>produces partition information as output:
>   fdisk -l /dev/sda
>   /sbin/fdisk -l /dev/sda
>When you created your partitions (sda3 through sda6), did you write down the
>partition information? If your partition table is messed up, it may be
>very difficult to recover the table without that information.

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