FW: [Blindmath] Learn about Orca, Gnome, and accessibility in the Linux OS

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Not a tutorial per se, but the information may be more up-to-date than usual.

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ViewPoints is a weekly, half hour radio show / podcast which covers a wide variety of topics of interest to the visually impaired.  In this week's episode, we interviewed Joannie and Alex about what they do and what is under the hood in Linux accessibility:


ViewPoints 1222 5-30-12 ViewPoints #1222 Orca, Gnome and Accessibility in Linux 

This week's show focuses on the Orca screen reader, the Gnome desktop and how accessibility works in Linux. Join hosts Nancy Goodman Torpey and Peter Torpey as they talk with Joanmarie Diggs and Alejandro Pineiro, two of the lead developers about what's under the hood, how it got there and how you can help improve it.


If you want to listen to or download this episode directly go to:



You can also subscribe to the weekly, half hour podcast of ViewPoints by pasting the following text into your podcatcher program:




folks on this list may also be interested in an episode of ViewPoints from last year which featured an interview with the lead developers of Vinux, a fully accessible version of Linux right out of the box:


ViewPoints 1136 9-7-2011 Vinux - accessible operating system 

Hosts Peter Torpey and Nancy Goodman Torpey devote this entire show to Vinux, a fully accessible and easy to use computer operating system. Besides describing how it works, they interview two of its creators and explain how you can get involved in follow-on improvements, updates and upgrades. 


To learn more about ViewPoints, subscribe to the podcast, find links to older shows along with show notes, etc. go to the main web site at:





Check out ViewPoints

A weekly, half hour radio program for people living with low vision

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