Launching CDROM from Floppy.

Martin McCormick martin at
Sun Nov 4 19:34:22 UTC 2012

I have a system that insists on reverting back to the wrong boot order such that CDROM is after hard drive and
floppy. That means I have to get help wrenching the boot order to floppy first. I understand one can boot from a
floppy and cause the boot loader to essentially call the CDROM to continue the boot process.

	Is this correct and how do I make a floppy to do that? At the time, I will not have any speech or
network connectivity so it will be best to make it run automatically.

	You put in the CD and the floppy and then boot and hopefully, it will allow me to type s and get a
talking installation going for Debian wheezy.

Thanks for all good ideas.

Martin McCormick

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