copying files from my computer using arch linux

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Tue Nov 6 14:23:03 UTC 2012

Actually, the live Arch install media is not at all hostile to users, 
and is the best recovery/rescue image I have found. It's not too big, 
and includes all you need to copy your files. I can't really add 
anything to the instructions posted here, but I thought I should point 
out the usability of the Talking Arch image
for a very fast recovery CD/USB image that will come up talking and give 
you all the rescue and recovery options you will need. Better yet, it's 
possible to do
pacman -Sy
on the live system and install any package you need on-the-fly, even if 
it's not already on the system.

Note: there was a time when I would have probably recommended grml for 
rescue and recovery, but Talking Arch has all the same stuff, including 
zsh with the grml configuration, and there's actually less steps 
required to get it talking.

Additionally, if you do wish to install, it's really not as hard as some 
would lead you to believe. There are scripts that greatly simplify the 
process, and the documentation is quite easy to understand. It only 
requires a moderate familiarity with the command line. Hope this helps.

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