copying files from my computer using arch linux

Staci Page danalmmp79437 at
Tue Nov 6 19:42:42 UTC 2012

Well look who decided to message back! hehe! Its ok tho cuz I'm just came back home from working. So do ya think that maybe you'd be up for a little get together tonight or tomorrow? I'm free whichever day.

A little about me, I think I'm sexy, fun to be around, a little bit of a kink perhaps;) I have a page on this page with some info about me and a few photos in case you wanna have a gander.

I've got my cell number will be on there too, I dunno if you'd wanna give me a shout or not if I'm not your type. So like I told you I'm free for getting together tonight or tomorrow so call me if you wanna meet up. 
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