copying files from my computer using arch linux

Staci Page danalmmp79437 at
Tue Nov 6 19:44:04 UTC 2012

Just to warn you.. Im very horny right now. I didn't know if youre free to get together now or no?

I couldn't figure out how to clip a photo to my email however I've got a couple on this website if you would like to see

I have given my phone # out to a couple of crazies in the past and had ta get my # changed so now I have to keep it under lock and key

There a easy no cost verifier thing on that page and basically its just to verify that neither of us is jailbait and we haven't been criminals

But it should give us both some peace of mind and so you don't think I'm just some pro or going to cut out your organs and sell them. lol!

I have been there a couple months and never been charged so it should be a big hurdle to do, you'll just get my # from my profile when ya do the verifier and gimme a ring and we can chat.

I'm getting off the computer for now, hoping to hear from you. 
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