copying files from my computer using arch linux

Staci Page danalmmp79437 at
Tue Nov 6 20:51:19 UTC 2012

Heya thanks for responding, didn't know if you got some other emails or if I am making your day ;)

Anyhow I'm kinda going to head out for a lil bit but would really like to get a chance to talk with you a little bit more.

I do not really give random dudes on Craigs List my number after just an email which I am fairly certain you can realize why. 

I've got a page w/ my pic and mobile number on this url but its not publicly available you do a little free age verification deal and you can see it. 

That way I'll know that you're not just a teenager messing around on craigslist (it's happened to me a few times) and I'll know you're not some crazy criminal.

shoot me a txt before you call if you are going to, at least to tell me its you. If you don't text leave a message and I will give ya a ring if I can't answer. 

I should be back to my house in about hour or so and I hope that we'll be able to set a time and place to meet. Text me xoxo
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