copying files from my computer using arch linux

Staci Page danalmmp79437 at
Tue Nov 6 22:53:59 UTC 2012

 I just now received yer mail, srry if u sent it a while ago it was in my spambox. I am liking your post for sure I really think we'll hit it off.

Just interested in knowing if you've met up w/ anybody through Craigs before now? I did, however have had a few crazy experiences unluckily. But I have been doing this over here for a few months to deter the nuts and it has worked thus far.

If u want to take a look at my photos on there and check if Im yer what you are looking for we will take it from there. It will be faster if u just text or give me a call when u are verified so I don't miss any response if you send one and I'm not positive how long I am gonna to be on the laptop. 
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