Big project with pulseaudio and streaming

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sun Nov 11 13:47:47 UTC 2012

Ah yes, I just found out about jackd yesterday as a matter of fact. I 
didn't realize it was so powerful. I actually thought I *needed* 
pulseaudio to move audio from specific applications, even those unaware 
of its existance, to another output, but it looks like jackd can also do 
this. Worse still is the fact that I have to convince at least one Mac 
user that such niceness can be had on Linux without having to be a total 
geek, so I'm trying to work within graphical environments, rather than 
staying in the text world, where I know this kind of thing is possible 
in multiple ways. This doesn't at all preclude the possibility of using 
text-based tools, which I am heavily leaning toward doing, but it may 
require writing scripts or rather specialized applications to streamline 
the process, especially after this initial attempt.

In my attempts to promote free software and its benefits, I refuse to be 
defeated by such a small application issue, especially when I know that 
it is possible to do all kinds of great things with free software that 
are just not possible, and other great things that, while possible, are 
certainly frowned upon and even called illegal and worse things, in the 
proprietary world. It's great to know that specialized needs such as pro 
audio can be filled without having to give up the freedoms I have come 
to love. Thanks all for the help, and keep it coming, as I'm not known 
as a professional audio geek, though I do use Audacity and some other 
cool stuff from time to time <smiles>

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