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Fri Nov 16 12:44:33 UTC 2012

Recognizing that the following is an old note ...

Jason White writes:
> Kyle  <blinux-list at> wrote:
> >I need to be able to send TeamTalk, including my voice, and possibly sox 
> >as well, to my local sound card, audacity and an Icecast2 server. 
> I am totally unfamiliar with the software that you're using, but,
> traditionally, Ecasound has been the tool of choice for recording and mixing
> audio channels from the shell.
Rather than describing access to particular pieces of software, I wonder
whether it would be easier for people to provide useful advice were you
to describe your requirements more generically, e.g. accept X number of
independent streamining inputs and mix with an additional local input to
create an mp3. After all, if podcasts are to be interoperable, the
particular application shouldn't matter, right?

Also, you should consider jack audio connections rather than pulseaudio.
Jack is the preferred transport for professional audio work on Linux.

And, you might want to seek advice on the Linux audio list, see:



> It might be part of the solution to your problem, or maybe not...
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