help with something unique?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Fri Nov 16 22:14:28 UTC 2012

Hi folks,
My goal here is to plan, and I appreciate you guys providing the wisdom.
I am not one of those computer users who just gets whatever is the flavor 
of the month.  Instead I decide how I will use things based on a present 
need not being met.
One such need is arising and I have at the moment at least decided to use 
the computer I now have with at least  part of debian squeeze, I am not 
going to upgrade to wheezy, installed on it.
  I also will have to add the browser and other program setup I require as 
well...part of why 
I am asking this question.
A friend sent me a link today to a page featuring a reading she did which 
is in the archive of a radio station.
for a number of reasons, largely because I am TELNETTing to shellworld 
via dialup, not going directly to this page from outside of here, I cannot 
even begin to play this...I am not even sure what format the file is in 
I am going to paste the link below, and ask what I would require in debian 
squeeze to manage this sort of link in an accessible fashion?
Wanting to be very task specific here if I can.
thanks and here is the link.

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