Big project with pulseaudio and streaming

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Fri Nov 16 23:33:23 UTC 2012

According to Janina Sajka:
# Ah, I'm behind on the thread -- sorry.

No problem at all. I still welcome any and all input, even at this late 
stage, especially since I'm still trying to work out the final 
streaming, mixing and recording solution that will be most like the 
current setup, while at the same time minimizing the headaches that may 
be experienced by a Mac user attempting to smoothly transition to free 

# One quick observation ...
# Jack can be driven pretty effectively from the command line, which means
# it might be possible to script a particular setup. You may not have to
# rely on gui tools.

I am definitely looking at scripting something. It would be very easy to 
adapt to the needs of an individual, as long as there is sufficient 
knowledge of the basics of the script. Also, I can work something out 
and pass it along to anyone else who may be interested in the form of a 
simple script file, rather than having to write down every click that 
has to be performed at the proper time. The initial solution I looked 
at, which I believe I linked in my original post, included a script that 
I should only need to modify to make things work as expected. Variations 
on a theme. <smiles>

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