What is the best distro for my business manager?

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 03:49:27 UTC 2012

 From what I understand, Mint has removed the entire accessibility stack 
in favor of its own desktop implementation called Cinnamon. According to 
those who have tried making Orca work, the only solution was to 
basically revert it back to its Ubuntu roots, making it much easier to 
run Orca even on Ubuntu 12.10 than on Linux Mint. I am also hearing that 
Mate, which is supposed to be a fork of GNOME 2.32, has made some 
radical changes that cause Orca to no longer work with it. For an 
older/lighter desktop environment that doesn't appear to change its look 
and feel as much as the major choices, Orca can better run on LXDE and 
even XFCE than on Mate or Cinnamon.

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