hard drive replacement questions

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I think I see my 60 Gb drive on Amazon.  What are some recommended hard drive surplus sites I might want to look at for comparison?

Also, currently I have my system partitioned to duel-boot with archlinux and WindowsXP.  When I get my new drive, is there a way I can copy at least the windows partition from the old drive to the new one?  I can always re-install the default system from the origianl recovery disk (once i find it) and go through the lon process of upgrading 7-years worth of Windows, plus re-install JAWS and KES etc.  Reinstalling and configuring arch isn't as daughnting to me.

thank you.

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>Subject: Re: hard drive replacement questions
>It sounds like a Western Digital 60 GB drive, in which case no wonder why it 
>developed bad sectors.  That's probably a fairly old drive.  About four 
>years is when they develop problems.  Yes, I'm sure it's IDE.  I might be 
>able to give you an old IDE drive, but you can probably still find them on 
>EBay and possibly Amazon.com.  Any IDE drives around here aren't for 
>notebooks and run at 7200 RPM instead of the usual 5400 RPM that most 
>notebooks use, but if you're in the US and can't find any other IDE drives 
>elsewhere, write me off list and we can work out something.  I can't 
>guarantee how long my IDE drives will last, but something is better than 
>nothing.  I would want you to pay the postage, but I won't charge for the 
>drive.  I think I might have seen an IDE drive on Amazon, but I wasn't 
>looking.  You can also try the various surplus sites around.

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