Three questions about yasr

pj at pj at
Sat Apr 13 05:49:04 UTC 2013

Greetings.  I hope this is the right place to ask;
I don't think there is a separate yasr mailing list.

Three questions:

* Can yasr be configured
  to speak characters as they are typed at the command-line ?
  It's speakup's default behaviour, and I find it useful...

* Is there some alternative to xterm
  that generates separate codes for the keypad keys,
  so that yasr could be configured with a speakup-like keyboard UI ?

* Can yasr be configured to use espeak, rather than eflite ?

I'm running debian stable, which uses yasr version 0.6.9-1

Regards,  Peter Billam      pj at     (03) 6278 9410
"Follow the charge, not the particle."  --  Richard Feynman
 from The Theory of Positrons, Physical Review, 1949

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