dmesg help wanted

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm running--or attempting to--software speach in both cases.  I don't have a hardware synth.

It's been a while since I've been able to sit down with someone who can physically read the screen, but I remember there was definately an error message associated with loading alsa.  I was thinking dmesg would include the final system messages from boot: ("Loading crond .......... Done.  Loading alsa .......... fail ...").

Without any speach output--or ability to try brltty at the moment--I'm slowed in inspecting /etc on archlinux, but I'll give it my best.

I'll do some exploring under vinux to find the specifics on my soundcard then try and locate the same information on arch.


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>I didn't see any replies, so here are my thoughts. First, probably the
>dmesg output isn't going to be that helpful unless one can sit in front of
>your system and look at the various modules, so no point in sending it and
>I'm not going to look at it.
>You didn't say whether you're using hardware or software speech and I'm
>not sure offhand what kernel Vinux uses. If you're using hardware speech,
>probably the Arch kernel is too new and has the broken Speakup serial
>ports, meaning that your serial synthesizer will never be found by the
>kernel. The only things you can do are either downgrade to an older
>kernel or switch to software speech. If you're running software speech on
>both Vinux and Arch, Arch probably isn't finding your sound card or it
>isn't using ALSA. I don't use Arch and I can't give more specifics, but I
>would try loading the module for your sound card by hand, killing espeakup
>if it's running, remove and reload the speakup_soft module and rerun
>espeakup. If that helps, look in /etc to see how ALSA modules are
>configured. Someone else here probably knows more about Arch than I do.
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