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Chris Brannon wrote:

> > * Can yasr be configured
> >   to speak characters as they are typed at the command-line ?
> Yes.  Go into the options dialog with ctrl-alt-o.
> There should be a key echo option in there somewhere.

>From my (debain stable) xterm, none of those keys work :-(
there is no response to ctrl-alt-o.
I really don't understand my yasr.conf. For example, it says:
  0xc:say line
  0x1b6c:say line
and Ctrl-L does indeed say the line :-), but Alt-l does not. 
And this 0x1b6c does not mean Alt-l anyway, it means Escape l !
But Escape l doesn't say the line either.  If I put in
  0x1b4f50: say line
which should mean Func_1, then yasr doesn't respond to Func_1

This is the most fundamental of my many yasr problems.

> > * Is there some alternative to xterm
> >   that generates separate codes for the keypad keys,
> >   so that yasr could be configured with a speakup-like keyboard UI ?
> Not that I know of.

This one, at least, I have solved :-)
In ~/.Xdefaults I can redfine KP_Up, KP_Insert etc, eg:
  XTerm.vt100.translations: #override \n \
  <Key>KP_Left:        string(0x1B) string("[1;5S")

> > * Can yasr be configured to use espeak, rather than eflite ?
> Yes.  Have a look at your yasr.conf.
> There is an espeak speech server for emacspeak, and you can use that.

When I use
  synthesizer=Emacspeak server
  synthesizer port=|/usr/bin/espeak
  [Emacspeak server]
then in addition to the text it speaks a whole load of rubbish like
  set rate 175 punctuation some Q
at the start of the line, and even if I comment those lines out of yasr.conf,
it speaks a Q at the beginning of the line and a B at the end.
I guess Emacspeak still thinks it's talking to eflite.

I can also edit /etc/emacspeak.conf
  DTK_DEVICE="Soundcard with espeak"
but that changes nothing.
In /etc/init.d/ there is no emacspeak daemon that needs restarting.

If I were running emacspeak from the command line,
there would be a -e option,
but how can I get ~/.yasr.conf to do the same ?

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