vibe, a line-editor with vi-compatible keystrokes

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Sat Aug 3 00:56:11 UTC 2013

pj at writes:

> Tim Chase wrote:
> > Upon playing with "stevie" it seems that it doesn't actually support
> > "open mode",
> says it was last updated in 1988...
> > but "elvis" (another vi clone) does.
> >   bash$ elvis myfile.txt
> >   :open
> > or you can specify that you want to use open mode at the command-line:
> >   bash$ elvis -G open myfile.txt
> > which you can alias with
> >   alias evi='elvis -G open'
> > to make it easier.
> Yup, that's nice, that's a serious candidate for vi users :-)
> It does chew up screen-space, so if you need to copy-and-paste
> anything into your file you'd better do that at the beginning
> of the editing-session, and under yasr there is no key-echo
> so you'd better touch-type well, but, yeah, it looks good.
> vibe is now too far advanced for me to abandon it, but
> elvis -G open is my default recommendation for ageing vi-users.

Full disclosure, please.

Your choice seems to be predicated on the quaint preference for yasr.

I call it quaint as Speakup is such a better console screen reader
choice, that I can only conclude you've some kind of Speakup allergy. Am
I wrong?

Because none of this is a problem for those of us who use vim all day
long with Speakup, not the copy and past mentioned here, nor the
business about extraneous speech mentioned earlier in this thread.


> On debian, the package is
>   aptitude install elvis-console
> Thanks Tim,
> Peter
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