Any Current Podcast Clients which show Actual Titles?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Aug 3 03:00:48 UTC 2013

I  wish I could have come up with a shorter subject-line. Until maybe a year or 
2 ago I would individually download podcasts from Lynx, but once Yahoo's 
interface changed, I began useing Hpodder, which had an option to actually 
download an actual title instead of just randem numbers. Well, I had some 
issues, so I removed it in Debian.  Well, now its not in Debian, not even Sid. 
Grabbing files from hpodder sites, either they will not run or compile.  Other 
clients I have tried have no options for saving as a real title, I think they 
call it meta data?
Sure another ideal solution would be having a menu, Lynx style where I could 
select 1 or more.
Can any1 please suggest clients which will work for me?  Thanks so much in 

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