Speech Problems in Gnome Terminal and Console

RiverWind riverwind at shellworld.net
Sat Aug 3 10:50:41 UTC 2013

Hey There,

I know that I broached this subject in the recent past, but I
needsmust have another go at it, if I may be briefly indulged. My
boot-log somehow switched over to my external hard-drive without
my permission and/or knowledge. Since I was unaware of the
recalcitrant and self-willed miscreant's defection, I wasn't even
aware of the problem, much less how to go about solving it
without extensive troubleshooting. I mean, of course I was aware
of a problem; my machine wouldn't boot up. I'm just playing
bloody hell figuring out why and what to do about it.

For the first time ever, I find that Orca refuses to read most of
the screens in alpine or several other commandline utilities.
They have heretofore performed this function for me without any
trouble what-so-ever. I absolutely can not get orca to allow me
total freedom in pine or alpine, and I can not figure out how to
remedy this matter.

I thought that perhaps firing up a console by means of
"orca+ctrl+space" would allow me to make some sort of palliative
adjustments; nothing doing. This is because I can not figure out
how to load speech-dispatcher and get it talking. When ever I
load a console, orca goes on vacation, AWOL as you might say. I
am then bereft of speech output. I can log into the console
readily enough, but I'm dead in the water afterwards.

I would be most sincerely thankful for any help I might be able
to obtain here. I would be most especially grateful to once more
be capable of operating in terminal mode as apposed to in a
console, if possible. I am most dreadfully sorry to address the
same issue twice in such a short time, but I really haven't any
choice in the matter. Please bear with me, kind reader, and
perhaps I'll not be faced with this most odious of necessities in
the near future at least.


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