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"export TERM=vt100" will work fine in bash and all other bourne compatible shells.
The above is sh (bourne) standard syntax for exporting an environment variable.

Assuming the shell is bash you can do:

echo "export TERM=vt100" >>  /.bash_profile

.bash_profile is read by bash when invoked as a login shell.
Echoing to  /.profile will also work.

After running the above command do:

source  /.bash_profile

Or simply log out and log back in.

The echo command will append the export command to the end of your .bash_profile.
The source command will source .bash_profile into your current shell environment obviously.

I don't remember the csh/tcsh syntax at the top of my head but you are most likely running bash.

But it is something like: setenv TERM 'vt100'

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The key concept to grasp is that you must set your environmental variable TERM to vt100.

This is done differently  depending on which shell you use.

To find out which shell you are using do:
echo $SHELL
It should return something like:

Which means you are using the ksh or bash or ch shell.

It does make a difference.

For excample I use ksh.  So in my case I need to edit my $HOME/.profile file to include this line export TERM=vt100

that line sets my TERM variable to vt100 and exports it to all subsequent shells I might invoke.

This will differ for bash or csh.  But since I don't use those shells you will need to visit google and /or your manual pages to see how they set their environmental variables.  

Try googling bash environmental variables or csh environment variables to find more detailed instructions.

Good luck. And may the farce be with you.

On Mon, Aug 05, 2013 at 09:35:43AM -0400, RiverWind wrote:
> I am needing to reset my terminal to vt100, and I have no familiarity 
> with something on this level of complexity. Also, I would like to run 
> a bash shell. All of this, of course, is on my linux-box. A kind soul 
> sent me some comprehensive instructions, for a much adroit person, 
> that I am unsure how to follow. I need to find and then edit a certain 
> file, my setup script for my shell, but I don't know where it is. I am 
> sure that I could use pico to edit it when once I've found it. I just 
> need some detailed pointers so that I don't cause a disaster that I am 
> ill- equipped to fix.
> Reading the forwarded message below will give you a better idea of 
> what I am getting at.
> Thanks,
> Riv
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> It can vary pretty widely, depending on the shell being used and even 
> the particular distribution of the operating system. If we're talking 
> about the bash shell, you can check to see what's being used now by 
> doing this from the prompt:
> echo $TERM
> If it spits anything other than vt100 back at you, add a line like the 
> following to whatever you're using as a startup script for the shell 
> in your home directory, probably .profile or .bashrc or
> similar:
> TERM=vt100; export TERM
> Then save the file and do something like:
> source .profile
> or:
> source .bashrc
> to reload it.
> Instructions will be different for csh/tcsh, etc.
> If the first command I mentioned indicates that you're already set to 
> vt100, then unfortunately we're back where we started, but maybe not.
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> Ken,
> admin at shellworld.net
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