wb (was: Re: This is it!)

Lars Bjørndal lars at lamasti.net
Wed Aug 7 21:15:11 UTC 2013

Doug Smith <savant-technopath at cyber-wizard.com> writes:

> Ok folks, here it is. This, if it should truly become universally
> available is the missing link that I personally think the blind need
> to be on a
> equal playinf field with the sighted as far as accessibility goes.  
> It is called clifox. It is a python interface to firefox to get it to
> work in a console or command line environment.

In the documentation for wb, also called clifox, it says that
bugs/comments etc. should be sent to wb at braille.uwo.ca. However, I got a
server timeout.

I installed wb on a virtual machine, to not mess up my main system. The
problem I wanted to report, is that special characters, like a Norwegian
ø is not displayed at all. Hope that could be fixed. Hope also
that the list server is back again soon.

Thanks and regards,

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