Running reportbug through Shellworld?

Hart Larry chime at
Tue Dec 3 16:18:41 UTC 2013

Well, I know we have some Shellworders here-and-maybe you can please help solve 
a mystery. I am running Debian Testing, trying to submitt items with reportbug. 
Ken has my hosted domain supposedly accepting mail through Shellworld. We've 
tried ports 25 as well as 587, but it fails, saying, something about this server 
doesn't support an "auth extention" Also at the bottom of the sytem info, says 
something about "debconf-show failed. I am not at home, so cannot quote it 
I know one can submitt a report completely by e-mail, but the format it wants is 
quite involved. Are their additional items Ken would need to add? I realize it 
would do little good if Ken were to install a Debian reportbug, as he's running 
a freebsd system. Since I have Shellworld, I am not running any mail servers on 
my hard-drive. Thanks in advane for all suggestions.

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