quick unrtf question?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Sun Dec 8 04:32:59 UTC 2013

Oh none of that is needful.
in this moment I simply open the XML file in lynx, use the p command to 
resave the file change the extension to html and it is just fine.
I can then open the  created html file in lynx again and it is turned into 
Was as I shared just wondering about un-rtf.
thanks for the answer,

On Sat, 7 Dec 2013, Tim Chase wrote:

> On December  7, 2013, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>> can un-rtf convert XML files into html?
>> I have other ways to do this, but was just wondering.
> Not as far as I know.  XML is more of a meta-language for describing
> data, so the "how to convert this into HTML" depends entirely on the
> schema of that particular XML vocabulary.  That's usually described
> by a "DTD" (document type definition).  It might be possible to
> create an XSLT (XML style sheet) that would transform the source
> XML into HTML or other formats, if you provided details such as what
> created it and what schema/DTD it uses.
> -Tim
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