new question for geoff, was quick unrtf question?

Geoff Shang geoff at
Tue Dec 10 19:15:49 UTC 2013

On Tue, 10 Dec 2013, Karen Lewellen wrote:

> The error I am still  getting states that  something is missing.
> basically,
> libcrypt so 15:
> A shared object  aspect to the program perhaps?
> what does this mean,

It does mean that a shared library is missing.   This library is not a 
part of xsltproc specifically but is a system library that is usually 
present.  The systems administrator on your system will need to sort out 
this one.  Actually, I'm surprised they were able to install this without 
fixing this issue.

As I run Linux and libcrypt is included in libc6 which is a core Linux 
package, I can't speculate where it would be on FreeBSD.  But I'm sure 
your admin would know or would be able to find out.

> and perhaps  more generally important, what command will 
> generate the man or help information for the program?

You can see the man page for xsltproc by typing:

man xsltproc

However, the man page talks a lot about the inner workings of XSLT 
transformations, which is not likely to be of much interest for the job at 
hand.  The .xsl file should tell xsltproc all it needs to know to do the 


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