Fedora and pulseaudio as root

Lars Bjørndal lars at lamasti.net
Sat Feb 16 20:45:20 UTC 2013


I have a Fedora 17 box. recently, I groupinstalled Gnome Desktop
Environment. Next, I did orca -t, to configure orca. It seems that
speech-dispatcher is started, but only the dummy module is working. I
suppose it's due to the fact that espeak doesn't work from within the
root account. Speech-dispatcher is started by systemd, and hence must
be allowed to run as root, I think.

Running espeak "test" from a regular user, works fine. From root, I get
the following error:

espeak: wave_pulse.cpp:691: size_t wave_write(void*, char*, size_t):
Assertion `
stream' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

So how do I get pulse/espeak to work as root on Fedora?



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