Setting up an atjob.

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sun Jan 20 13:51:57 UTC 2013

On 01/20/13 07:35, Hart Larry wrote:
> And lastly, you would hit a control+d to finish a job.
> I hope I got all of this accurately for you-and-all of us

You're accurate :-)

Though it can be done several ways.  Hart's method is more 
interactive, as you can type multiple commands for the system to 
issue at that time.

You can also pipe the commands to "at", either directly using "echo" 
like Anders & I do, or by putting those commands in a file and 
piping those commands to at:

   at 8am < commands.txt

There are a couple other gotchas, some of which are obvious, some of 
which are less so:

1) running X programs sometimes require a little bit of extra 
trickery.  You might have better luck running "play" or "aplay" 
instead of mplayer

2) obviously, this runs on the machine where you enqueue the job. 
So if you're remoted into your home machine from work, and you 
enqueue the job there, it will run at home (and thus play sound 
there, rather than work).  I'm sure this is obvious, but I just 
figured I'd make sure that it was spelled out.


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