Setting up an atjob.

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sun Jan 20 19:58:44 UTC 2013

On 01/20/13 08:51, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well Tim, must I run separate "at" jobs to record multiple
> streams, beginning at the same time?

I believe you can do it, you just have to background the tasks you 
want to do in parallel using the ampersand.  So you might do 
something like

   hart at laptop$ at 8am
   at> recording-program &
   at> recording-program &
   at> [control+D to quit]

to have it enqueue both jobs to trigger at 8am.

> Back again live:  xvfb is really complicated in playing or
> recording streams. Some have suggested I try selenium?  Would
> that give me chances to record streams from multiple
> sound-cards?

Selenium is used for driving a web browser in a recorded/repeatable 
fashion.  It might be feasible to use/abuse it for such purposes if 
the website doesn't offer a direct download link you can use. 
However, if it does, using "wget", "curl" or possibly "nc" (netcat) 
might be a better option for downloading a stream from a website. 
If the website offers the feed via RSS instead of live-streaming for 
the programming you desire, you'd be far better off just using a 
pod-catcher like "hpodder" to snag it all with minimal fuss.


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