Resuming an nntp connection?

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Jan 27 18:30:13 UTC 2013

Well, assuming that this is exactly what's happening?  I am in trn4 in Debian, 
grabbing alot of articles.  Seemingly my AT&T Uverse connection drops dead even 
for a short time?  I think so, as both my telnets to Shellworld were frozen.  I 
certainly was able to re-establish those, but trn just sits there ablivious. 
No keystrokes including control+c will do anything, so I finally did a killall 
-9.  Once I ran trn again my .newsrc file was locked, so I deleted it, now 
grabbing again.
So if it were an nntp connection to giganews, would their be a way to resume 
during a current stalled trn session?
Thanks so much in advance as this has happened before

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