Resuming an nntp connection?

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Jan 28 07:51:45 UTC 2013

You have a few issues here:

1. Giganews has such a huge number of articles that trn is locking up.  You 
could try a different reader such as tin, slrn or Alpine.  I would suggest 
slrn since it has a similar interface and feature set, but I've had good 
luck with tin.

2. You could run your own local news server.  The advantage is faster access 
since you're pulling articles locally.  You only have to pull the groups you 
want, so you don't need a lot of disk space.  Since there is no nntp 
connection needed by your reader, you shouldn't have any problems.  The 
disadvantage is that you would need to either have your machine on all the 
time and have the news server running in the background, you would need a 
cron job, or you would have to manually pull articles before you start your 
news reader.  Just point your reader at /var/spool/news instead of  This is probably not a good solution if your groups have 
lots of binaries.

3. You can go into the Giganews site and have it send less articles when you 
connect.  This is a known problem with most news readers since newsgroups 
can have a million articles in some cases.  I never had to make that change 
on their site, but I have a small local news setup here and I pull articles 
by hand periodically.

Finally, although unlikely, you could just need to wait longer.  It could be 
that there are just too many articles for trn to process quickly, so maybe 
let it sit there for a few hours.  I would try slrn instead since it's still 
in development and I don't think trn is anymore.

On 1/27/2013 10:30 AM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well, assuming that this is exactly what's happening? I am in trn4 in
> Debian, grabbing alot of articles. Seemingly my AT&T Uverse connection drops
> dead even for a short time? I think so, as both my telnets to Shellworld
> were frozen. I certainly was able to re-establish those, but trn just sits
> there ablivious. No keystrokes including control+c will do anything, so I
> finally did a killall -9. Once I ran trn again my .newsrc file was locked,
> so I deleted it, now grabbing again.
> So if it were an nntp connection to giganews, would their be a way to resume
> during a current stalled trn session?

> Hart
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