Orca or EmacSpeak

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emacspeak provides its own environment not a text console.  You can run a 
text console from emacspeak when necessary and doing so puts all of the 
power tools in your hands Linux has to offer so it's an advantage to learn 
especially if you're going for a real Linux sysadmin job or doing any 
other real Linux work since most of the young sighted competitors you have 
will focus primarily on the graphical user interface.  This trend with the 
younger Linux workers gets older managers frustrated when younger workers 
either can't do something at all or take too long to do it because they're 
using the mouse and the graphical user interface when some of the older 
managers can do tasks with the text console and keyboard in half the time 
or less.On Mon, 28 Jan 2013, mattias wrote:

> i think emacspeak are only for text console
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> > Hello,
> >
> > I am new to Linux and am having some trouble getting to learn the OS due to
> > the Orca screen reader. I will start off by letting you know I am on a Mac
> > book running Mountain Lion. I am running ubuntu 1204 in VMware fusion. To
> > this point I am only able to preform commands which do not require the Orca
> > modifier key. I read that the Orca modifier key is the "insert" key, but Mac
> > does not have an "insert" key. I have read several different posts of people
> > describing a few key commands which simulate the insert key but none have
> > worked for me. I also was told I can set my Orca configuration to "laptop"
> > and then the "caps lock" key will act as the modifier, and yet again I am
> > unable to do this.
> >
> > Now to the question at hand. Does anyone have some experience with this
> > issue who can help me get it working? If not can someone please let me know
> > if EmacSpeak is a better option for linux? I have read lots of good things
> > about emacSpeak but honestly have no idea how to switch from Orca to
> > emacSpeak. I am not bias to either screen reader I am just looking to learn
> > linux well enough to write some programs, use the terminal, and call it a
> > familiar OS. I would greatly appreciate any help.
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