Orca or EmacSpeak

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Has this impression of younger sighted Linux system administrators come
from personal experience? I work in the Linux server field, and I don't
work with any younger sighted engineers who aren't fluent with the
command line.

On 28/01/13 04:06, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> emacspeak provides its own environment not a text console.  You can run a 
> text console from emacspeak when necessary and doing so puts all of the 
> power tools in your hands Linux has to offer so it's an advantage to learn 
> especially if you're going for a real Linux sysadmin job or doing any 
> other real Linux work since most of the young sighted competitors you have 
> will focus primarily on the graphical user interface.  This trend with the 
> younger Linux workers gets older managers frustrated when younger workers 
> either can't do something at all or take too long to do it because they're 
> using the mouse and the graphical user interface when some of the older 
> managers can do tasks with the text console and keyboard in half the time 
> or less.On Mon, 28 Jan 2013, mattias wrote:
>> i think emacspeak are only for text console
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>>> Hello,
>>> I am new to Linux and am having some trouble getting to learn the OS due to
>>> the Orca screen reader. I will start off by letting you know I am on a Mac
>>> book running Mountain Lion. I am running ubuntu 1204 in VMware fusion. To
>>> this point I am only able to preform commands which do not require the Orca
>>> modifier key. I read that the Orca modifier key is the "insert" key, but Mac
>>> does not have an "insert" key. I have read several different posts of people
>>> describing a few key commands which simulate the insert key but none have
>>> worked for me. I also was told I can set my Orca configuration to "laptop"
>>> and then the "caps lock" key will act as the modifier, and yet again I am
>>> unable to do this.
>>> Now to the question at hand. Does anyone have some experience with this
>>> issue who can help me get it working? If not can someone please let me know
>>> if EmacSpeak is a better option for linux? I have read lots of good things
>>> about emacSpeak but honestly have no idea how to switch from Orca to
>>> emacSpeak. I am not bias to either screen reader I am just looking to learn
>>> linux well enough to write some programs, use the terminal, and call it a
>>> familiar OS. I would greatly appreciate any help.
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