command line web browser

Doug Smith savant-technopath at
Mon Jun 3 17:47:53 UTC 2013

I have a question.  I think it might have been on here, but I am not sure.  Recently I heard about a web browser that worked in a command line but had 
the same kind of multimedia functionality as the big graphical browsers like firefox.  

If there is such a web browser under development that will work in the command line environment and still have the same kinds of multimedia 
functionality that firefox or something like that would have, please let me know.  If there is such a browser, how well is it developped and 
maintained, and how do I get it?  

If I can find out, I am going to get it and take the desktop environment off this machine.  I hope this can be accomplished with little or no problem 
with the rest of the system.  

Most sincerely yours

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