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Hi Tony,

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> Hi all,
> Probably Tim or another sighted person will have to look at this.  I've
> seen other people make similar requests here, so here goes.
> I'm trying to get a particular audio file.  I've tried with Firefox and
> Lynx but I can't get it to play.  I'm wondering if the file is missing
> from their site or if I'm missing something since I don't have Flash.  I
> was able to grab other audio fine, but this has me stumped.
> The site is under Programs, The Big Broadcast.  I'm
> looking for the program of 2013-05-12 which has a link.  When I follow
> that link, it shows what was played (Johnny Dollar, Dragnet, etc) but I
> can't figure out where the audio player is, even with the mobile site.  I
> think the mp3 file should be of the form
> but that gives me an error
> 404, even though the 19th of May exists.  Can you please help?  Yes, I
> looked at the page source with both Firefox and Lynx but it only resulted
> in frustration.  If I can find a way to directly get to their audio
> player, I could probably find the hidden download link.  That's why I'm
> wondering if the file itself doesn't exist on their server.  Thank you
> very much!

OK, here's what I found - after I went to
and enabled JavaScript (I have NoScript) I saw a PLAY button with the "|>"
image at the top, which after I clicked it yielded a small popup with a flash
applet, which I presume allowed me to play the file (I am sighted). 

According to Firebug ( ) , the Play button is found at
this CSS path:

html.js body.html div.container_15 div.containerbg div.grid_10
div#content.column div.section div.region div#block-system-main.block
div.content div.node div.genblock div.onecol div.articleHeader div.listenbar
div.listenbarLeft a.newWindow img

And its content is:

<img border="0" alt="Play associated audio"

With an alt caption.


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