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On 6/10/2013 2:01 AM, marbux wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 1:44 AM, Shlomi Fish <shlomif at>
> wrote:
>> OK, here's what I found - after I went to 
and enabled JavaScript (I have NoScript) I saw a PLAY button with the "|>"
>> image at the top, which after I clicked it yielded a small popup with
>> a flash applet, which I presume allowed me to play the file (I am
>> sighted).
>> According to Firebug ( ) , the Play button is
>> found at this CSS path:
>> <<< html.js body.html div.container_15 div.containerbg div.grid_10 
>> div#content.column div.section div.region
>> div#block-system-main.block div.content div.node div.genblock
>> div.onecol div.articleHeader div.listenbar div.listenbarLeft
>> a.newWindow img
>> And its content is:
>> <img border="0" alt="Play associated audio" 
>> src="/sites/">
With an alt caption.

Yes, that's exactly what I found.  There seem to be two players, one for
listening live and the other for the archived audio.  If you look at other
programs like Hot Jazz, you'll see a link to play the current episode
which opens their standard audio player.  From there, looking at the
source of the audio player eventually leads to a link you can use for
downloading.  That doesn't seem to be the case here.  According to the
main program page for the Big Broadcast, I should just be able to go to
any archived program and there should be a way to play it.  I know that
archived programs on the web go back to at least 2011 and the downloads on
their server go back further.  It seems to be that one date (2013-05-12)
which I can't seem to find.

> I'm not sure that helps. It seems to be a widget for playing whatever 
> is live on the station at the moment (although I can't hear anything 
> after it pops up).
> At <>, they say:
> "Can I get archives of WAMU 88.5's shows through podcasting?We do not 
> offer podcasts of old shows. Several years of The Diane Rehm Show, The 
> Kojo Nnamdi Show, and Metro Connection are available for listening 
> online, but not as podcasts.
> ...
> "NPR also offers podcasts of all of your favorite radio shows heard on 
> WAMU 88.5. Find them through WAMU 88.5's website or NPR's Podcasting 
> Directory."
> <>.
>  But I couldn't find the program you're after at the NPR site.

No, it's a local show on WAMU only.  They have online archives, but no
podcasts.  Believe me, I would rather download podcasts anyway because
that's much easier, but no luck.
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