Does anyone on here know how to watch tv with vlc?

Doug Smith savant-technopath at
Fri Jun 14 01:26:48 UTC 2013

I need a little help here.  Even though I continue googling for the solution, I wonder if anyone on any of the lists which will receive this message 
will know how to convert this to vlc rather than mplayer

mplayer -tv norm=ntsc:chanlist=us-cable:channel=3:alsa=1:adevice=hw.1:immediatemode=0:amode=1 tv://

I am trying to write a script that will trigger off vlc with the right settings to allow me to watch tv with it and I haven't really found anything 
about how to do this from the command line, much less, from a script.  If I can learn how to do it on the command line, I can write the needed script.  


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