messages being called "unread" after I read them

Al Sten-Clanton albert.e.sten_clanton at
Tue Jun 18 17:38:53 UTC 2013

Thanks for your thoughts.  It might be the bug you mention, which might 
explain misreading of the message list from time to time.

I wonder if this problem might relate to one with deleting messages.  As 
I recall, I have my server settings set to delete messages from the 
server either after fourteen days or when I delete them.  Usually, 
messages I've deleted on this Linux machine, expecting them to be 
removed from the server as well, remain there and come down on our 
Windows machine.  Occasionally, however, the delete seems to work.  This 
was not always a problem, but seems to have happened for well over a 
year now.  If any of this gives you an idea I might use, I'll be grateful.


On 06/18/2013 12:53 PM, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
> Well, this is personal preference. I use the preview pane, and I don't
> want a message marked as read as I flip  through or arrow down through
> my messages, which is why I have it set to 5 seconds.
> This doesn't explain your problem though, since if anything, this
> setting would be overly aggressive in marking things as read. I wonder
> if you're hitting a bug where the list view in Thunderbird isn't being
> read correctly by Orca. I'm not sure if this is an Orca bug, a
> Thunderbird bug or somewhere in between.
> If you want to just take a look at your unread messages, you might try
> checking View -> Threads -> Unread.
> On 06/18/2013 07:43 AM, Al Sten-Clanton wrote:
>> I have it set to mark as read immediately on display.  Should I use a
>> different setting?  Thanks.
>> Al
>> On 06/17/2013 06:24 PM, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
>>> In Thunderbird, if you go into Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced ->
>>> Reading and Display, how do you have it configured to mark messages as
>>> read? For example, in my set up, I have messages automatically marked as
>>> read if I view them for five seconds. If I'm in a message for less than
>>> five seconds, it'll still show up as unread.
>>> On 06/17/2013 03:10 PM, Al Sten-Clanton wrote:
>>>> Hi.
>>>> I often find that as I arrow through my inbox messages in Thunderbird,
>>>> ones I've read are said to be unread.  Since this just happened, I
>>>> thought I'd ask if anybody else sees this or knows how to fix it.
>>>> I'm using Fedora 18, orca 3.6.3, and Thunderbird 17.0.6.  I've seen
>>>> this
>>>> for a while, though.
>>>> Thanks for any help.
>>>> Al
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