2 telnet related questions?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Sat Jun 22 04:22:29 UTC 2013

Hi Larry,
Granted I do this differently, but I may be able to ease our concern about 
the up arrow thing...assuming that in your setup this does not happen all 
the time.
To make a clear distinction.  I am using ssh telnet in dos  to come into 
shellworld.  I therefore do not use speakup.
However there are times when, I suspect many are using shellworld for 
example, that I encounter the a b thing.
I may have finished with lynx, or doing something in pine.  things go 
silent for a few seconds, and not used to this since Dos works so swiftly, 
I move the up arrow key.  I get the a letter if i do this.  if I arrow down 
I get the b.
normally again this only lasts for a few seconds.
once the freeze is over though, the history as you call it, my getting the 
last action i have taken returns with no issues.
Personally I think it may be a shellworld thing do to people, or volume of 
stuff going on.
As for a client, I am using a package called ssh2021b.
It is a DOS package, but perhaps there is a Linux port?
The package has ssh TELNET, ssftp and TELNET, ftp as well.
Rather nice actually with some terrific tools for massive ftp downloads 

Just my take,

On Fri, 21 Jun 2013, Hart Larry wrote:

> Ok, I login to Shellworld from a Debian system with a 12MB  AT&T Uverse 
> connection.  Over the last couple of years I had to switch from ssh to 
> telnet, as for some reason, with Speakup, there is some sluggishness while 
> cursoring. But now even telnet has this behavior, while logging in another 
> Linux machine which has much better network conductivity, I have an easier 
> time.  editing without any lag.  On Shellworld I can hit backspace a number 
> of times  and the beeping is spiraticly sluggish.
> So, first I wonder if there are either other telnet options I can try, or 
> would their be another protocol which may react faster?
> Next, I notice while at a plain telnet prompt, unlike actually at a site, I 
> cannot use an up-arrow as it says a letter a or b.  I sure don't have this 
> issue in ncftp, history works normally.
> Thanks so much in advance for suggestions
> Hart
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