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Sat Jun 22 04:38:07 UTC 2013

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OK, there are a couple of issues here.  First, never, never ever use plain
telnet.  I repeat, never use plain telnet!  It is not secure and
deprecated.  I'm surprised and disappointed that Shellworld still supports
it.  Always use ssh, even if you give up some convenience.  It's good to
have telnet on your system, but remember that everything you send is in
plain text over the wire, so it's trivial for attackers to get your
passwords, read your mail, etc.  Even DOS apparently has an ssh client.
There is no excuse to not use ssh anymore.  Absolutely stay away from
telnet and rlogin.

With that said, the reason for the up arrow problem is that telnet isn't
recognizing your terminal type.  You can try "tset vt100" to fix this, but
with ssh, it passes your terminal information when it connects, so you
shouldn't have the issue.  On Shellworld, the problem could be that
they're using a BSD variant which doesn't seem to support readline out of
the box.  You could also try "tset linux" and see if that helps.  I used
to have weird problems when I would ssh from my Win98 machine to a Linux
box.  Once I copied the Cygwin terminal definition over, my problems
largely went away.  The standard terminfo database should support Linux
terminals out of the box nowadays.

There probably isn't a good way to get rid of the lag, but try the -C
option to ssh.  That uses compression which might help.  When I connect to
my server in Germany, the lag is terrible, but -C helps slightly.  There
is also a setting in Speakup to help with this.  In Windows, it's called
cursor delay, but I'm not remembering what Speakup calls it.  Look in
/sys/accessibility/speakup for something having to do with time or delay
and try adjusting that.  Also, a lot of it depends on how busy Shellworld
is at the time you connect.  If there are lots of users, the lag will be
worse and there isn't much you can do about it.  If you're the only user,
you should notice minimal lag.  If you have an account on freeshell.org,
try that as well.  It also has some lag but it would be interesting to see
if the lag is as bad or not.  Remember that you can always use ^L to
redraw the screen and that sometimes helps as well.

On 6/21/2013 7:25 PM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Ok, I login to Shellworld from a Debian system with a 12MB  AT&T
> Uverse connection.  Over the last couple of years I had to switch from
> ssh to telnet, as for some reason, with Speakup, there is some
> sluggishness while cursoring. But now even telnet has this behavior,
> while logging in another Linux machine which has much better network
> conductivity, I have an easier time.  editing without any lag.  On
> Shellworld I can hit backspace a number of times  and the beeping is
> spiraticly sluggish. So, first I wonder if there are either other
> telnet options I can try, or would their be another protocol which may
> react faster? Next, I notice while at a plain telnet prompt, unlike
> actually at a site, I cannot use an up-arrow as it says a letter a or
> b.  I sure don't have this issue in ncftp, history works normally. 
> Thanks so much in advance for suggestions Hart
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