Any Accurate O C R Programs in DOS I can run in Linux?

Anders Holmberg anders at
Thu Jun 27 19:46:18 UTC 2013

THe only one i come to think of is oscar which i used in the late 90-s.
It was a great program but i don't recall if you have to use a scanner with scsi card or what it was.
27 jun 2013 kl. 03:20 skrev Hart Larry <chime at>:

> Well, after not receiving any responses in another blind computer discussion list, I am wondering since I finally have my scanner working in Linux, are their any current or older OCR programs in DOS which I can run in Linux?  We tried several of the obvious straight Linux solutions, but none of them even came close to what I remember of Open book years ago.  Aside from an accuracy of scanning, we were able to put pages or books in lots of different ways on the glass.
> I seem to remember in 1995 there was a straight DOS OCR which may have been created by a gentleman named Carter, which did a reasonable job.
> Among the Linux OCRs we've tried,
> ocrad         ocrfeeder     ocrfeeder-cli ocropus-0.4 I am trying to install LIOS.
> Thanks so much in advance for suggestion, including links
> Hart
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