Any Accurate O C R Programs in DOS I can run in Linux?

Hart Larry chime at
Fri Jun 28 17:41:05 UTC 2013

OK, thanks All for your suggestions-and-analysis.  Some comments.  With 
Openbook I was accustomed to putting scanned materials vertical, including 
books, where both a left-and-right page would be scanned.
Next, after spending lots of time examining:
I cannot find a download for any Linux product.  Sure I notice mentions of 
these products, but no obvious place to grab a trial version or buy, in Lynx.
And Dallas, earlier this week I tried scanning some mail, quite a 
disaster-and-I rotated, flipped over maybe 8times.
So John, you are quite correct, that going back to 1994 when I scanned my first 
book, I never had trouble like this, orrienting.  I sure hope if I can ever try 
Abbyy, it may be more intuative.  Supposedly Vivadata may have products for 
Certainly, yes, a completely Linux scanning solution would seem to be better.
And Dalls, sure Tesseract did well on those images, whether they were 1962 
Gardian stories or for RapidShare, as they were from files-and-no my `blindly 
holding an item on a glass.
And lastly, an unrelated question for Willum, anything new with your DAE 
Thanks in advance

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